$1000 of Portable Winch Swag in Prizes!

We want to see our community in action!

Post a video showing your Portable Winch in action on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok and get a chance to win a Portable Winch T-shirt, a hoodie or even a jacket! Use the #PortableWinchOriginal  to participate as of today!


You have until May 31st 2022 (13h00 EST) to accumulate views. Prizes will be awarded as follows:
Top 3 views will get a jacket and a post on our page;
The following top 3 will get a hoodie;
The following top 3 will get a T-shirt;
The following 15 will get a Portable Winch Hat!

The winners will be contacted via the platform the video was posted on.

Conditions and rules of the draw here.