I've told you guys before about how impressed we are with your product! We have been using our Portable Winch nearly every day averaging a run time of 5 hours each day and it still runs like new and no leaks or parts breaking! It is nice knowing we can rely on your product since it is the backbone to our business! Thanks! Here is just a fragment of what your winch was skidding up a 35% mountainside, 60 foot logs! - Comment we received on our Facebook Page.


Bought in order to access logs and fallen trees on roughly a 40% slope. Nothing else could access the logs, skid steer or ATV too steep and rocky. Anyway, I am continuing to be blown away by your product. Amazing machine and the Honda engine makes for a great powerful and reliable machine! Your CNC machining on the winch is superb and beautiful. Thanks for making an amazing product and providing a product that has more than paid for itself. - Comment we received with a registration warranty.


David Block, Block Forest Products LLC, United States